Portfolio Combilation

Portfolio Combilation

Hey all

just wanted to let you know my portfolio is available to be seen on the link I attached.  It was awesome working with you all this semester.  I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.




Audio Project: Workplace Inequalities

While working on my audio project I knew exactly how I wanted my message to get across, but was unsure how to do it.  The don’t text and drive PSA we heard in class was the format that made the most sense for what I had envisioned.  Just as the texting PSA had the sounds to create an emotional reaction in my audio I had all the sounds to create an emotional reaction.  With mine however it is targeted solely towards women; men cannot really relate to this PSA.  Towards the end I added a message to make it clear what my message was; gender inequality is an issue apparent today and needs corrected.  This is not an imaginary issue or an issue of the past.  We need to start a conversation and get the ball rolling towards equality.

                I chose to do my PSA this way because I felt it would transfer the intended audience; college level females, into the shoes of the women in my audio.  Take her to a place that is recognizable but not really analyzed.  Society has normalized issues of gender inequalities in the work place and made it seem like something of the past.  If it were something of the past wouldn’t men and women being getting paid equally for doing the same job? Wouldn’t job opportunities be distributed equally between men and women?  If this were all true then yes gender inequality would be a thing of the past and we could push this argument to the side.  But I cannot sit here and work just as hard if not harder than my male counter only to get less than he.

Meming in the USA

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Images or aspects of culture that capture a feeling or emotional response.  This is what a meme is ment to do.  A snapshot that people can easily understand and typically comically appreciate.  Memes have been around for years, it is just recently that they have become more prevalent in our everyday lives. This is probably due to the increase of social media outlets and the availability to the internet.

Memes are used for many different reasons however, recently causing an uproar in society for being racist and demeaning to certain groups.  Some organizations use these memes to quickly and effectively  market a concept; giving the shock-and awe effect to the viewer.  We all know these memes are being taken too far, yet we do not hesitate to let out a chuckle.  Why are these memes being released if they are only ment to cause conflict and raising issues?  Should memes have to go through a sensor before being able to go public? If so who should be the one to judge them? What gives them the authority to choose what is and isn’t too much?

On the other hand, memes can be funny and used strictly for comical relief.  Taking images such as Miley Cyrus twerking and putting a funny quote with it.  Something most of society can relate to and get a good laugh out of.  It is harmless humor that lasts for only a short while before a new major figure does something that will be the next big cultural issue to play around with.

miley twerking meme

Generation YouTube


Our society has become so absorbed into all these different forms of social media that we can literately turn on our computer or even look at our phones to get connected with the rest of the world.  One major form that is still used daily by people worldwide is YouTube.  This free video-hosting website includes a variety of videos such as trailers, music videos, how-to’s, blogs, vlogs, etc.. You can put almost anything you want on
this website and anyone around the world can access it and view it in a matter of minutes.  Leaving people, like me, spending hours searching the site for anything and everything.

People such as Jenna Marbles (who I attached a video of one of her skits) has become famous for being a youtuber and being goofy in front of a  webcam.   She is one of many who have taken this website as a media form to perform for all to see.  Entertainers on this site is my favorite reason for visiting this site.  It is an outlet for many different styles of humor to be placed on the platform for all to watch and judge.  It also allows you to post and comment on the entertainers commentary during their skit or stand-up.  It allows you to discover what is the most entertaining for you as an individual.

This social media site has evolved our societies online interactions so much more broad.  Today it is a new form where you can communicate with who you are viewing, like their post, follow them as youtuber, etc.. YouTube is a continually evolving site, adding new and engaging elements to their site every few months.


Digital Dating

online datingIt is amazing how quickly online interactions have surpassed face-to-face interactions. This begs the question, has technology drastically changed our lives? Is it a positive or a negative? Growing up in an era of technological advancements such as smartphones, tablets, etc… We consume ourselves in the digital world. Communications/relationships is a big one of today’s society.
With online dating websites, meeting new people has never been easier. But this is so superficial, you can pretend to be anybody you want with any qualities you think you should have to attract the right person. How are you going to act in person however? If you’re hiding behind a screen to get to know someone, are you going to act to same when you meet face-to-face?
This is an issue I have encountered with my group of friends. My friend Chris met his girlfriend Leslie off a dating website and they had an online relationship for almost 2 months. That is 2 months of dating someone you haven’t even met. Can that be considered dating? To me it can’t; you need that physical interaction and connection. Anyone can get along and have a great connection over a digital device, place yourself in a real life situation and that’s how you can tell if it is going to work or not. These dating sites in my opinion were intended to be a great conversation starter to make the awkward meeting process less awkward, it was not meant to serve as an online order you next partner service.

“Binders full of women”

At the bottom i have attached a video from a fairly recent presidential campaign where Romney talks about his views on gender inequality within the workplace.   After being asked how he would rectify the inequalities in the workplace if elected.   He responded, “I had the chance to pull together a Cabinet, and all the applicants seemed to be men,” he said. “I went to a number of women’s groups and said, ‘Can you help us find folks?’ and they brought us whole binders full of women.”  Talking about when he was governor of Massachusetts.   This as imagined caused huge uproar with women, thinking he was degrading them as a whole and being more talk and less action.

After watching this i feel Romney made a slip of the tongue in saying Binders of Women.  Although i do agree with many new reporters who said  he avoided the question entirely.  Diverting to something lesser, bringing up a scenario that was based on trued events;but not entirely true as a whole, to make him seem more relateable and compassionate. Instead he came off as a liar and sexist; speaking of women as interchangeable and abundant.  He should have stuck to the real question and said what he did in a follow-up interview.  That he wanted equal pay for all people regardless of gender and to have equal opportunities for work.

Gender Inequality in the Workforce

What is gender inequality?  Many would define this as the physical and hidden disparities.  Next question, do you still believe sexism is still an issue?  Personally I feel this is still a fairly large issue, most obviously seen in the workplace.  Women have been able to make great strides away from the inequalities they once were subjected to, but it still persists today in other ways.   For example, a Harvard Study I found on http://www.summer.harvard.edu/blog-news-events/gender-inequality-women-workplace, “ in 2010, women on average made 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man.”

For the social injustice project for this English course I have chosen to study gender inequality in the workforce.  Some of you may not be interested in my choice of topic, but I find it is important to understand, as a female, what I will be subjected to once I fully enter the workforce with a “big kid” job.  I would like to think of women would be interested in this topic as well.  Women work just as hard and are not given all they deserve in terms of money, opportunities, and other equalities.  I feel we need to stop focusing on gender as factor our workplace and use the “whole person” instead and adapt our workplace to those needs.

To think positively there has been action taken to help close this gap.  Found on http://www.comlaw.gov.au/Details/C2012C00899 a Workforce Gender Equality Act took place in 2012.  This act states,

“ The principal objects of this Act are:

(a)  to promote and improve gender equality (including equal remuneration between women and men) in employment and in the workplace; and

(b)  to support employers to remove barriers to the full and equal participation of women in the workforce, in recognition of the disadvantaged position of women in relation to employment matters; and

(c)  to promote, amongst employers, the elimination of discrimination on the basis of gender in relation to employment matters (including in relation to family and caring responsibilities); and

(d)  to foster workplace consultation between employers and employees on issues concerning gender equality in employment and in the workplace; and

(e)  to improve the productivity and competitiveness of Australian business through the advancement of gender equality in employment and in the workplace.”

This meaning that the responsibility of equality doesn’t rely solely on the women being subjected but instead on the company as a whole.  It also gives a set of rules and guideline to follow and has repercussions in case these rules and guideline get broken. Also found on this site was,

Functions and powers of the Gender Equality Agency

(1)  The functions of the Agency are:

(a)  to advise and assist employers in promoting and improving gender equality in the workplace; and

(aa)  to develop, in consultation with relevant employers and employee organisations, benchmarks in relation to gender equality indicators; and

(b)  to issue guidelines to assist relevant employers to achieve the purposes of this Act; and

(c)  to review compliance with this Act by relevant employers, to review public reports lodged by relevant employers and to deal with those reports in accordance with this Act; and

(d)  to collect and analyse information provided by relevant employers under this Act to assist the Agency to advise the Minister in relation to legislative instruments made under this Act; and

(e)  to undertake research, educational programs and other programs for the purpose of promoting and improving gender equality in the workplace; and

(ea)  to work with employers to maximise the effectiveness of the administration of this Act, including by minimising the regulatory burden on employers; and

(f)  to promote and contribute to understanding and acceptance, and public discussion, of gender equality in the workplace; and

(g)  to review the effectiveness of this Act in achieving its purposes; and

(h)  to report to the Minister on such matters in relation to gender equality in the workplace as the Agency thinks fit (including a review under paragraph (g)).

Note:          Paragraph (d): see also section 33A.

(2)  In addition to any other powers conferred on the Agency by this Act, the Agency has power to do all things necessary or convenient to be done for or in connection with the performance of the functions of the Agency.”

This is what I was talking about above with the company being in charge of obeying the rules and guideline of this act.  For now I will continue my research of Gender inequality within the workforce and review all that I can find that has be done to help resolve this issue.